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By July 15, 2016In the Press, News

Ayogo has been nominated in not one but TWO categories for the Health 2.0 vote 10 Year Global Retrospective. And we think we can win both our category nominations—but only with YOUR help!
If you click this LINK, you’ll be directed to Health 2.0’s survey to fill out a form and select your chosen nominees.
You can vote for Michael Fergusson for Industry Leader and/or Ayogo Health for Tech Company. If you’re unsure about the other two categories, Health Care Organizations and Patient Activist, you can select ‘No Preference’.

Here’s our TOP PICKS for all four categories:


1) Industry Leader

TOP PICK. Scroll down to “M” to vote for Michael Fergusson, Ayogo
Why? Michael Fergusson’s creative and entrepreneurial approach has made life easier, healthier and frankly more fun for millions of patients, using digital health and the psychology of play.

2) Patient Activist

TOP PICKS. Our short list of people we admire and who are effective patient activists:
Dave DeBronkart, @ePatientDave,
The grand old man of patient-centered participatory medicine, Dave’s call to action is to “Let patients help!”
Regina Holliday, @ReginaHolliday,
A widow who’s family tragedy informs her art-based activism, Regina calls for clarity and transparency in medical records to save lives.
Shane Power, @shanepower21,
A basketball player turned health executive, Shane addresses the rising costs of prescriptions and supports Rx for the under-insured.

3) Tech Company

TOP PICK. Scroll through the “A”s to vote for Ayogo Health Inc.
Why? Ayogo makes technology people WANT to use. Apps that are clinical and effective, yes, but also fun, easy, smart and sassy. Each one of Ayogo’s 23 games and applications helped pioneer new digital patient engagement strategies using gamification, social support, choice architecture, chronic condition management, UX, behavior change and patient empowerment. Ever since making the first-to-the-market health facebook game, Ayogo has created the smartest heart-felt applications that produce real health outcomes.

4) Health Care Organization

TOP PICKS. Our short list of effective organizations we have worked with to help you narrow your choices.

You can find the survey here. The Health 2.0 vote will be open until July 31, 2016.

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